Whether it’s leaking gutter or the paints peeling from your fascia, its a job nobody wants to tackle so why not let us replace all your fascia soffit guttering downpipes cladding whatever it needs here at Charm Windows we are sure to have the perfect roofline solution. All fascia soffits and gutters are available in a range of colours and styles to blend in with your property if its a modern town house or a country cottage were sure to have something that can meet your needs. We install KESTREL products for peace of mind and maintenance free. Contact Us for more information and enquiries.

Fascias & Soffits

Roofline - PVCu Soffits and Fascias

Our PVCu Soffits and Fascias are designed to protect and enhance every part of your roof and will keep it looking clean and attractive for many years.

Fascias – With the latest developments in PVC-U and PVC-UE roofline, we supply a range of colours and styles to suit your requirements that will add value and protection for years to come. No more painting the old timber fascias!

Soffits – Whichever soffit style you opt for, our extensive colour choice and high quality materials mean you can create a finish that enhances the overall appearance of any building. Available in a choice of styles and are fully compatible with our fascia systems for an exact colour match.

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Guttering & Drainage

Roofline - Guttering & Drainage

Standard (Half Round) Gutters, Square Line Gutters, Deep Flow Gutters, Ogee and Cast Iron Effect Gutters. Kestrel plastic guttering, also known as PVC guttering, is low maintenance and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The colour is often chosen to match or contrast with the UPVc fascia board fitted to the roofline.

Standard (Half Round Gutters) & Square Line Gutters – High quality, black PVCu square line guttering. Cost effective solution for both new build and refurbishment applications. Attractive rectilinear profile. Compatible with most major manufacturers.

Deep Flow Gutters – available in 2 sizes for commercial and residential applications, super tough, high capacity guttering for use on commercial buildings, hotels, flats and any structure that has a large roof area.

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Dry Verge Systems

Roofline - Dry Verge Systems

Dry verge system to replace loose and crumbling mortar, and protect tiles from wind uplift.

Dry verge systems are a simple, effective way of securely fixing concrete interlocking tiles, without the need for mortar. Dry verge units and caps give a strong, reliable fix, meaning mortar is surplus to requirements when such verge systems are being utilised. Made of plastic, our dry verge systems will last at least 10 years. They generally need very little maintenance (if any at all) and will continue to look slick and new long after they’ve been installed.

Dry verge is specially designed to neaten up roof edges and block any gaps that could permit birds or large insects entering the roof space.

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